Personalise your motor finance. Rates from .
8.9% Representative APR
Representative example: Cash Price £9,999.00. Deposit £1000. Total Amount of Credit £8,999.00 Monthly Payments of £205.42 with a final payment of £206.42 which includes an Option to Purchase fee of £1.00. Duration of Agreement is 60 months. Total Amount Payable is £12,326.20 Total Cost of Credit is £3,327.20 Annual Fixed Interest Rate of 4.65%.

Finance Specialists

Rayner Smith employ our own finance specialists who are very experience in the funding of all asset types. We use our panel of specialist lenders to offer our clients a very bespoke and suitable finance package at the most competitive rates. In most cases we can offer a same-day completion service.


The most popular and straightforward option. Spread the cost of your purchase over a fixed term – you choose your deposit and the length of the agreement.


Similar to Hire Purchase but you can defer an agreed amount of what you are borrowing until the end of the agreement (balloon payment). At the end of the agreement you can choose to pay the balance and keep the car or part exchange it. The benefit – lower monthly payment


PCP is similar to Lease Purchase with an agreed amount being deferred to the lower monthly payments. The main difference is that a final Guaranteed Future Value is agreed at the start based on your annual mileage and the length of the agreement. At the end of the agreement you have the additional option to hand the car back (provided it is in good condition and within the agreed mileage), part exchange it or pay the balance and keep the car. Benefits – lower monthly payments, peace of mind, protection from unexpected depreciation.


Warrantywise were the natural choice for Rayner Smith, due to their comprehensive levels of cover, they have won many industry awards for their warranty.

Warrantywise Logo Dark Orange

Welcome to Warrantywise, the UK’s best Warranty Plan – designed by me… Quentin Willson.
Warrantywise has become the market leader in the UK because we care about our customers. I’m always on the side of the
consumer, have the final say over any repair dispute and have designed this plan to make sure you get the very best service possible.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and impartial, view each repair on an individual basis and aim to be as fair and reasonable as we can. However, no warranty in the world covers worn out parts or components that have come to the end of their normal and expected life, although our Service Plan (available separately) does go some way to remedy this.

Also make sure you read the ‘What Your Plan Does Not Include’ and our lists of Significant Exclusions’. Used car warranties can’t cover everything and I need to you to understand that things like blocked Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves (EGRs), worn out brakes and clutches, small leaks and weeps or rusty or seized up parts are normally excluded. I believe it’s very important that we manage your expectations by being as transparent as possible.

Designing the UK’s Best Used Car Warranty has been quite a challenge. For years I have been saying that used car warranties aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Well, here’s a warranty that’s revolutionary!

There are 5 levels of cover. One will have been selected by your supplying car dealer and will apply to your car. You can ‘upgrade’ the cover, within the first 30 days, at your own cost.

Weasel Words: Importantly there are no ‘weasel words’ such as Betterment, Consequential Damage, Excess, Improving Your Vehicle, Mileage Limits, Network Labour Rates, these have all been banned.

However, as good as this warranty plan is, as your vehicle’s age and mileage increases, more and more mechanical components will reach the end of their operating life. These ‘worn out parts’ will require replacement at your own cost.

Important – Read the Small Print: We do expect you to read our terms and conditions which explain how Your Plan works
and the many benefits you now enjoy as a Warrantywise Plan holder. Please, please make sure you fully understand the
terms and conditions relating to Your Plan and in particular your vehicle servicing requirements and the repairs procedure.

Make sure you ‘read and understand fully’ the information provided in the What Your Plan Does Not Include section. Also, if you have purchased any of the plan Additions, remember there are separate terms and conditions relevant to each one. Saying you forgot or couldn’t be bothered to read our T&Cs won’t impress me at all!
I believe in total transparency but we can’t list every single component for every single car, as the list would run into thousands of pages (and you wouldn’t read it anyway). For everybody’s clarity we list what parts are covered in each warranty plan along with a list of Significant Exclusions. Please make sure you read what is and what’s not covered to avoid confusion or disappointment later. If you’re at all unsure you can ring us up and we’ll always be pleased to help and advise you.

Cancellation: Your rights as a consumer allow you 30 days to cancel. This should give you more than enough time to read this booklet and fully understand what we can and can’t cover.

This Warranty Plan is like no other and, unlike other warranties, if anything is unfair or needs changing then, I have the final discretion (yes it’s my right) where issues arise over disputes to review the position and decide what is the fairest way in the circumstances (naturally this does not affect your statutory rights).You can contact me, Quentin Willson at: (yes, it really is me) and I promise you will receive the very best service.